Curtin University Hub for Immersive Visualisation & eResearch (HIVE)


Working for NDY Consulting, MHW Integration was contracted to deliver the Hub for Immersive Visualisation and eResearch (HIVE). This is one of only a handful of such visualization facilities in the world, featuring an array of data visualization facilities including a tile wall, wedge display, dome display and cylinder display. The centre is automated using C-bus lighting and Crestron touchscreen control systems.

Tiled Display

The videowall is constructed using 12 full-HD LCD panels with ultra-thin bezels (2.5mm). It is driven by an RGB Spectrum videowall processor controlled by a Crestron control system. The videowall also accommodates videoconferencing facilities for a truly immersive experience.

The Wedge

Two Projection Design projectors rear projecting onto 3.8 meter diagonal display surfaces mounted in a 90° wedge configuration are used to present stereoscopic 3D content such as 3D volume visualisation, 3D virtual environments and 3D video content.

The Dome

The four-metre diameter domed screen entirely fills the user’s primary and peripheral vision for a truly immersive experience. The dome can be used to explore ultra high resolution 360° panoramas and video content.

The Cylinder

The cylinder includes a three-meter high, eight-meter diameter, 180° cylindrical projection surface. Vision is provided by three Projection Design projectors that are warped and blended to deliver a magnificent stereoscopic 180 degree panoramic surface suitable for a wide range of scientific, investigative and artistic purposes.

This project utilizes some impressive technology including:

  • Lightware switching and signal transports
  • Stewart screens
  • Projection Design F35 projectors
  • RGB Spectrum MediaWall 4500 video wall processor
  • Crestron control systems

Images & Video Courtesy Curtin University

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Curtin University Building 501