Department of Fire & Emergency Services Simulation System


MHW has successfully completed the new Training Simulator at DFES Simulation Centre.

The project needed to be an immersive training environment for the Fire & Emergency crew to work on procedures and best practises on all possible scenarios. Utilising the XVR Training software platform DFES can create different scenarios for up to 5 avatars to navigate through different scenarios. Ranging from dealing with a biohazard spill on the freeway or how to work with paramedics in a burning building situation.

  • 180 Degree 4.5m diameter, 1.8m high Stewart Film screen
  • 3 x 5200 Lumen WUXGA DLP Projectors
  • Specialised Warp Blending software
  • Crestron Control system
  • 1 Surround Sound System

The entire display blended together delivers a 5760 x 1200 resolution that completely immerses the crew into their environment.

The warping technology can be applied to any shape screen with single or multiple projectors, front or rear projection! Contact us for more details.

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