Curtin University Nursing Simulation Lab


In 2013, MHW Integration was contracted by CHW Consulting to supply and install the Integrated Audio Visual and Nurse Call systems in the Curtin Nursing Simulation Laboratory. This facility is a hospital ward reproduction complete with 5 single bedrooms, medical facilities and robotic patients. In addition, each room has an adjoining seminar facility with 1-way glass, digital recording facilities, AV presentation systems, Videoconferencing, as well as an intercom, which allows trainers to give students direction.

The Simulation LAB is used for student training and assessments, which gives the ability for trainers to activate and manipulate the robotic patients and simulate a range of medical symptoms, from mild conditions to acute emergencies.

The student actions are then recorded in detail along with he patients statistics for feedback and review.

This project included the following technology;

  • Crestron Digital Media card based matrix audio video frame with numerous transmitters and receivers
  • Crestron control system and several touch panels
  • Axis IP Cameras and Decoders
  • Laerdel SimView simulation recorders
  • Laerdel SimMan robotic patients
  • Echo360 iLecture recorder
  • Cisco C40 Video Conferencing
  • ClearOne audio processors and mic arrays

The Challenge in this system was to build a software platform that allowed for the maximum flexibility enabling the full range of training scenarios from ambulance deliveries to paediatrics and maternity. The Seminar rooms had to be flexible spaces to allow for a large range of configurations, users and audience sizes. The Seminar rooms are combinable with an internal retractable door, External “overflow” rooms and full presentation facilities.

Images courtesy Curtin University

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